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打开系统偏好设置 → 键盘 → 输入法 → 添加美国🇺🇸英文,再删除 ABC 英文。 前往 ~/Library/Preferences/ 文件夹,找到 文件并用 Xcode 软件打开。 删除所有包含 KeyboardLayout Name String U.S.的文件并保存。 重启电脑。 还原 打开系统偏好设置 → 键盘 → 输入法 → 添加美国🇺🇸英文或 ABC 英文即可。

Sometimes, you just want to keep one input method, but your macOS doesn’t allow you to remove the builtin ABC.
Not a big deal, here’s a instruction.

  1. Go to ~/Library/Preferences/ directory.
  2. Find, and then open it with XCode.
  3. Search and delete following content:

    Key: KeyboardLayout Name
    Type: String
    Value: U.S.

  4. Reboot your computer.


Open System Preferences, go to Keyboard –> Input Sources, Add English –> ABC or other input sources you like.