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Uninstall Microsoft AutoUpdate(MAU) on Mac

Sometimes, Microsoft AutoUpdate is really annoying, and you might want to kick it out of your computer. There’re tons of guides, and this one will give you a detailed, full and all-in-one guide. OK, here we go!

  1. Check if MAU is running.
    PS > Get-Process -Name *Microsoft*

    If the result doesn’t return MAU, it means MAU isn’t running.

  2. Remove the application MAU application is located in /Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft, so, in this step we will delete this folder.
    PS > sudo rm -rf '/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MAU2.0/Microsoft'

    You may be prompted for password.

  3. Deleted related files from System-Library
    PS > sudo rm -rf '/Library/LaunchAgents/'
    PS > sudo rm -rf '/Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/'
  4. Delete related files from User-Library
    PS > rm -rf '~/Library/Preferences/'
    PS > rm -rf '~/Library/Preferences/'
    PS > rm -rf '~/Library/Caches/'
    PS > rm -rf '~/Library/Caches/'
  5. A reboot is recommended.