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Connect A UWP App Through Loopback Proxy

On Windows 10, UWP apps are isolated from loopback proxy, but in some scenarios, loopback proxy is required, for instance, if you want to connect Unigram in China.
Is there a way to connect UWP apps through a loopback proxy? Yes!

There’s a built-in command, CheckNetIsolation, with module LoopbackExempt, the explanation is:

controls the loopback exemption of AppContainers and Package Families to ease application development.

OK, let’s do it. The usage of this command is as following:

   CheckNetIsolation LoopbackExempt [operation] [-n=] [-p=]
      List of operations:
          -a  -  Add the AppContainer or Package Family to the loopback
                 exempted list.
          -d  -  Delete an AppContainer or Package Family from the
                 loopback exempted list.
          -c  -  Clear the list of loopback exempted AppContainers and
                 Package Families.
          -s  -  Show a list of loopback exempted AppContainers and
                 Package Families.

      List of arguments:
          -n= - AppContainer Name or Package Family Name.
          -p= - AppContainer or Package Family Security Identifier (SID).
          -?  - Displays this help message for the LoopbackExempt module.
  1. Get the package family name. We do it by a PowerShell cmdlet:
    Get-AppxPackage -Name *Unigram*
    Name              : 38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview  
    Publisher         : CN=D89C87B4-2758-402A-8F40-3571D00882AB  
    Architecture      : X64 
    ResourceId        : 
    Version           : 3.14.2665.0  
    PackageFullName   : 38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_3.14.2665.0_x64__g9c9v27vpyspw  
    InstallLocation   : C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_3.14.2665.0_x64__g9c9v27vpyspw  
    IsFramework       : False  
    PackageFamilyName : 38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_g9c9v27vpyspw
    PublisherId       : g9c9v27vpyspw  
    IsResourcePackage : False  
    IsBundle          : False  
    IsDevelopmentMode : False  
    NonRemovable      : False  
    Dependencies      : {Microsoft.UI.Xaml.2.3_2.31912.11002.0_x64__8wekyb3d8bbwe,  
    IsPartiallyStaged : False  
    SignatureKind     : Store  
    Status            : Ok  

Now you can find the PackageFamilyName is 38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_g9c9v27vpyspw.

  1. Add to loopback exemption.
CheckNetIsolation loopbackexempt -a -n="38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_g9c9v27vpyspw"
  1. Confirm the result.
CheckNetIsolation loopbackexempt -s

List Loopback Exempted AppContainers

[1] -----------------------------------------------------------------
    Name: 38833ff26ba1d.unigrampreview_g9c9v27vpyspw
    SID:  S-1-15-2-864468249-2750725007-4163465496-967253594-3023145886-2867458848-3864617232

Now, it works through loopback proxy.

If you want to isolate the app again, just delete it from the exemption:

CheckNetIsolation loopbackexempt -d -n="38833FF26BA1D.UnigramPreview_g9c9v27vpyspw"